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After 34 Years We're Still Open, So Come See Us On The River

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Q: "Is it Morning or Evening?"

A: The sun is setting over the Bay in front of the Lodge as an evening fisherman returns.

Q: "Was it the Ontario Record Northern Pike?"

A: This huge Northern Pike was caught second week of August in the same Bay where the sun sets. Pictures don't tell it all…Barb Amos is 6 ft. 1 in. tall, and caught the big Northern on a Silver Williams Wobbler. The fish measured 53 inches in length. The fish never had an official weighing while whole, but when Len (Barb's husband) brought the meat up from the fish to be frozen after cleaning, the meat alone weighed 34 lbs. We think it would have been a new Ontario Record! What's your opinion? And are there bigger ones out there…we think so!

Q: When's the best ice fishing?

A: First two weeks of January and then the Month of March with the Northerns just getting "more and bigger" as the month progresses.

Q: What kinds of fish will I catch?

A: The Ottawa is known for it's great Walleye, Northern Pike and Small Mouth fishing, also caught are Perch, Whitefish, a few Channel Cats and the odd Sturgeon. Approximately 6 Musky are caught each year by accident more than by plan. Surrounding lakes in the area have great SpeckledBrook Trout and Lake Trout with a number of lakes boasting world class bass fishing.

Q: What's it like for Spring fishing?

A: The Walleye is very good right from the opening date in May. The best Northern fishing is the first three weeks of June. For the Brookies the best begins in June!

Q: When's the best fishing for Walleye?

A: All Season long, we always give you the best tips and hot spots know matter what time of the year you are vacationing with us!

Q: What's the river like for depth and structure?

A: The river is very deep…up to 600 ft…with a slow moving steady current that makes it almost lake like. There are few "hidden" shoals to watch out for while boating…but many great shoals for fishing Walleye in 12 – 30 ft. of water. Back bays have excellent weed lines for Pike and Bass.

Q: When's fly season, mosquito and black fly?

A: Around the lodge and on the river they're never really that bad…in the woods while fishing Brookies…be prepared! If you're looking for "nearly no flies" that begins Mid June and numbers dwindle as the Summer progresses into Fall.

Q: Are we allowed to bring ATV's and are there any trails?

A: We welcome ATV's, the ATVing is almost yet undiscovered, and YES we do have hundreds of miles of trails interconnecting to thousands of miles of trails. Access to the trails can be right from the lodge. We provide a map for a small fee, but the trails are not organized or marked so a GPS is a big advantage for navigation.

Q: Will we see wildlife?

A: The area is prime for Moose and Bear, with Whitetail common in some spots. In the smaller category there are Pine Martin, Beaver, Otter, Mink and the always present Red Squirrel.

Q: What about birds?

A: Birds as in Ruffed Grouse…YES! Woodcock, Blue Jays, Whiskey Jacks, Wood Peckers, Bald Eagles and even Golden Eagles are common. Song birds are here by the hundreds. Ducks include, Blacks, Mallards, Teal, Wood Ducks, Meganzers.

Q: Are there any beaches and places for a shore lunch?

A: YES and some come complete with waterfalls nearby.

Q: When's the best Fall Colours?

A: Starting last week of September and continuing through to our Thanksgiving in October.

Q: How far are you from the Entrance Road (Brent Road) to Algonquin Provincial Park?

A: About a one minute drive.

Q: Do the cabins have their own showers and bedding?

A: Yes to both showers and bedding…they are fully equipped!

Q: Do the cabins have Television and Internet?

A: The cabins have Satellite TV and wireless Internet.  Cell phone towers are also near by so you can expect full cell phone coverage both on site and on the river :) 

Q: What about the houseboats, how far can we go and who drives them?

A: You're the captain and after the training session and they leave the docks we normally don't see them again until the return day. East from the lodge you can travel 55 km or about 35 miles, going West to Mattawa is about 45 km or 25 miles, with lot's of places to "moor out" overnight.

Q: When does the river warm up for swimming?

A: Normally about mid June people are taking a dip to cool off.

Q: Because it's a River, does it ever get too rough for fishing or boating?

A: NO! Within reason…wave height may get to 2 ft. Fishing is never great in the wind but there are lots of islands, bays and points which offer great fishing "out of the wind"!

Q: What's the best bait for Walleye?

A: Minnows and worms (in that order) until July 1st, then lures become good alternatives. Some people fish leeches but they're not readily available.

Q: Are there many cottages, boaters, etc. on the river.

A: Remember the Ontario Slogan "Yours to Discover"…The River, this is it! Cottages, few and very, very far between, boaters – not many, and on a houseboat trip you get the feeling that the river is "all mine"!

Q: Are the trailer sites treed, close together or have waterelectricity?

A: The drive-thrus are used mostly for overnighters and have water, sewer hookups and 30 amp electrical outlets. The other sites are in the wooded area and are not crowded with each other, they have water and 1530 amp outlets. There are also 2 remote, unserviced tent sites each with it's own unique shoreline. You didn't ask about showers and toilets, but yes there are showers and toilets available in the campgrounds.

Q: What about the boat launch?

A: It is a good cement launch and can accommodate big boats, it's where we take the houseboats (up to 40 ft.) in and out.

Q: How much are the docking fees?

A: If you're staying at the lodge…No Charge for launch or docking, and we don't provide reserved docking. Electricity is available for charging batteries, but bring your own extension cord.

Q: What about pets?

A:There is a strict no pet policy for our cottages and Houseboats, but we do allow pets in our campgrounds as long as you're talking dogs and cats...OK! but they must be on a leash at all times, and there is a "poop and scoop" policy!

Q: Are there any walking trails nearby?

A: Yes there are some right on the property that can extend for 2 km. with access to others that extend for miles and miles. And you didn't ask…but there is room for mountain bikes and terrain to suit all types of challenges including "easy riding"!

Q: We know you have great snowmobiling, what about July-August?

A: We do have great snowmobiling which starts normally in January and continues right through to the end of March and sometimes if we're real lucky into April! Sorry non in July-August!