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Our Photo Album | Summer 2008 | Ice Fishing 2009 | ATV Tour Spring 2009

All alone on the Ottawa

Day's Catch

Peace and Quiet

Nice Catch

What a Catfish

Cooling Off

The Wurst Invention
Flask Fishing!

Ready to bag it!

Flask Fishing

How Flask Fishing Was Invented

"I take these guys from Ohio trout fishing each year and when they snowmobile in, they like beer. I like Yukon Jack... as I was pulling in a trout my freshly topped up little pocket flask fell out of my inside pocket and did a perfect nose dive down the hole...

I shed a few tears and sat on the sled and pouted for an hour, had a few beer and then we decided we could fish the thing out of 10 ft. of water... we could see it resting ever so pleasantly on the bottom "bottoms-up"... so we fashioned a number of gadgets to retrieve it including the classic "plastic lunch bag on the stick trick"... but no luck with any of them, and we finally had to leave it there when the sun sank too low to see it anymore on the bottom.

So at the bottom of a hidden trout lake is a sunken treasure awaiting the lucky person to retrieve it and enjoy it's rewarding contents"

How You Can Win a Prize!

Just write to Doug ( with your solution to retrieve that bottle - best ones will be posted here and Doug will award a PRIZE to the winner!

Big Pike!

How about grouse hunting
and ATV trails?

Just the size we wanted!

Great Fall Walleye
and House Boating!

Are there any bears?

More bass!